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hello everyone,
I have 4 hens and one rooster, this morning I went to see my hens when one of them mixed breed Americana and silver lace polish was acting weird. she was all puffed up as if she was cold outside temperature 50f. she is walking really slow if walking at all.i picked her up and she seems very tired or slow. didn't make any noise (usually she is very chatty)..she haven't layd any eggs for 2-3 days, I figured its because of the cold weather/ bugs under the feathers..isn't eating or drinking, ive separated her from the others, she is in a cat carrier with food and water, am worried if its something serious....
I read your other post which mentioned something about yellow discharge... maybe she laid an egg internally and it broke? If that happened, then it is very serious. As mentioned above, do a search and you'll find lots of helpful posts.
I ended up finding the medicine for the coccidiosis. I prepared the water for 5 day intake, and switched all the drinking water to the medicated one. my hen seemed even thirstier then before. I diluted the laying crumbles/pellets with water and tried giving her some drops. she didn't seem too excited just wanted to snuggle up in my jacket. when I placed her back in her carrier she started eating the crumbles by herself. by the end of the day I let her walk around the yard to stretch her legs and she was picking the grass and the other hens weren't picking at her. this morning she seemed like her old self catting away and following the flock. I will keep the chikens on the medicated water and dispose of any old fesses or hay in the coop. F.Y.I I and my husband suffered from a very bad diarrhea and abdominal pain all throughout last night, feeling better today.. here's my little patient

Glad you thought of treating for coccidiosis. Puffing up and acting lethargic are pretty classic signs, and although it usually affects chickens under 20 weeks old, it also can strike later. Diseases such as enteritis, another disease that affects the intestines, are sometimes due to having a chronic form of coccidiosis.

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