I'm a bit nervous...

Must Be Losing It

Lost It
11 Years
Mar 3, 2008
Uxbridge MA
Friday night I put my new 24 bearded silkie eggs in the incubator, thought the temp was adjusted. Unfortunately the next morning he temp had reached 104.

And then, I candled them tonight, because I read day 3 was good for checking fertility and found one cracked egg. What do I do???? Do I remove it from the incubator? Its not leaking.

And lastly, are loose air bubbles a problem? I have a couple eggs w/ loose bubbles.

I think I am definately losing my mind.
You can drip some crayon wax over the hairline crack, worked for me. She is im my pen as we speak!

Can do anything about the air bubbles, just wait and see.

The temps--right after you put eggs in there is a drop. Most are temped to adjust when that happens bu once the bator comes back up to temp, it is to high. Do you have a wiggler? What did the temp in there get too. is it a still air, if so you are probably okay. Either way you just have to wait and see.....

Keep on truckin!!
Thanks, I feel better. I'll try the wax. I know there is no reason to hope for a high hatch rate but I hate having a set back so early. I'm going to try candling them again on Friday and keep my fingers crossed.

I think you're right. I had the temp balanced for hours before I put the eggs in and it dropped for a few hours so I adjusted it up a bit before I went to bed. Hope it didn't toast any little thing too badly.

After candling them all I'm guessing a 60% fertility/lack of problem eggs. What are your thouhts on overly porous eggs?

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