I'm a new member with a dozen 15 Stall Chicken cages


May 8, 2017
I would like to start a small flock. Of 12 or so the rest of the cages are surplus to my needs. Im willing to barter. For other supplies. [email protected] I have 10 of these cages with 15 stalls each.
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I suspect you will not find many people on a "backyard chicken" site that are willing to house their birds in cages like you have. We pretty much all want our animals to have plenty of space for natural behavior and good health. You might try advertising them locally on Craigslist (or similar). Some farmer who already uses those kind of cages might want some extras to expand or replace broken ones.
This a new members Introduction thread. You can offer your cages at BYC, buy, sell ,trade forum after you rack up 20 posts first. Then you could list as "anything else for sale."

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