I'm almost ready.


Jul 28, 2016
Hi! I'm Courtney. I'm biting the bullet and am getting my first chickens next week. The coop is almost ready but I'm pretty nervous and excited. We are roofing the run and painting today. Looking forward to meeting my new ladies!
Welcome to BYC! I got my hens and rooster five months ago. They are a pleasure to have around. Bet you can't wait to get yours!!!!
Hi! I'm very nervous/excited, lol. I haven't been around chickens since I was a kid. So I'm sure I'll have hundreds of questions for everyone on here. I feel silly with how I'm reacting to this. Is it normal to decorate your coop? I'm really having a lot of fun with this.
Wow, some of those are so cute! Thanks, now I don't feel like such weirdo for having a crazy color scheme. The are my coop windows and the screen door to the run. The main body is orange so this thing will be obnoxious! I LOVE it, lol.
Welcome to BYC, so glad you joined the flock. Some people decorate coops like they were houses. Skylights, chandeliers, wall murals - all look great until the chickens start using it for a bathroom. Who cares, if it makes people feel good - do it.

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