I'm assuming this is going to cause a problem...


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
Columbia County, NY
with the eggs hatching...Our Ellie girl, Muscovy, is sitting on a nest....not sure how many as I really don't want to get bit in the process lol but they are due to hatch June 29th if I did the math right. Anyways our other girl Eliza just started laying. She made a nest right next to Ellie's and when Elize leaves (not broody yet) Ellie steals her eggs and puts them in her nest....it's been about 1 a day for the last 3 days. I'm assuming these eggs probably won't hatch because they are about a week or so behind hers. Am I right? Or will she sit longer if there are still eggs to hatch. Eliza's eggs are more then likely fertile as I have seen Elvis mate with her
Your gonna have to candle those eggs. The ones that are filled up will be the ones with the larger babies in them. If your lucky there will be no embroys in them yet. If you don't candle now, you will more then likely loose them (Eliza's) when Ellie's hatch. Good luck! Keep us posted!

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