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Jul 2, 2014
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Noticed our two cockerels making weird noises, but I figured they were just finding their voice. Now that our Maran hen is wheezing when she breathes, I realize the cockerels are sneezing and shaking their heads. Their eyes are Not watery or swollen, and their noses show no signs of mucus. We have a flock of 22. How do I treat this before it gets worse?! Will something like apple cider vinegar or coconut oil in their water help until I can get some meds from the feed store? And what would you recommend? First flock, so never dealt with sick chickens before.
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Mar 24, 2009
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ACV and coconut oil will do nothing for a respiratory disease. You can get some Tylan 50 from the feed store, can either give it as an injection, which is best, or give it orally, or you can get Tylan soluble powder to put in their water. Oral dose is 1/2cc per standard bird once a day for 5 days. Dose for the powder is 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. I'm not sure on the dose for injection. Dosing each bird as it becomes symptomatic is best but with a large flock it's not always practical so the water soluble powder may work best for you. It won't cure the disease but it will help prevent the pneumonia and secondary bacterial infections that occur very easily with any respiratory disease whether it's bacterial or viral. Those things are what usually kills the birds rather then the disease itself.

If you have a bird die,or if you are willing to sacrifice a sick one, consider getting a necropsy done by a state lab so they can run tests and find out what you are dealing with here. There are many poultry respiratory diseases, some are more difficult to manage then others so knowing what is in your flock will be a great help to you in knowing how best to treat and manage it.

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