I'm completely depressed and frustrated!!!


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Apr 20, 2010

I have now lost my 2nd batch of growing/viable chicks to the Little Giant monster!!! Short version...got a LG still air for Christmas...very excited!!! It didn't heat up. Took it back...got a new one. It worked GREAT!!! Til day 18...
Heating element quit working...lost my hatch. Called the company..complained.

They sent a replacement from the factory. It worked great! I had moving, growing chicks in at least 6 of my eggs! Lockdown on day 18...WOOHOO...

Day 21ish... Temp won't go above 97 no matter what. I think I've lost my hatch again!!!

I'm so mad, disappointed, frustrated, and sad!!!

Husband says, Get a good incubator...but I'm not sure I have it in me to try again!
I am sorry to hear about that...
I wouldn't give up on hatching your own eggs yet though...

I have four Brinseas, and they work great! Hold temperature and humidity perfect.
I understand your Frustration over the LG in general, but you won't lose your hatch at 97 degrees, they may just be late hatchers. But they should be fine if 97 degrees is the only issue. But I say get a Hovabator
If it is day 21, just keep praying and hoping that these will be tough little chickies! Don't give up on them! And yeah, I wouldn't go with that brand of incubator again. Also, if you live in an old house sometimes the electric can have surges or whatever... it doesn't sound like that is your issue, but I felt like I should mention that - just in case. We have an old house and it seems like the better made stuff can easily handle that, but the flimsy stuff gets overwhelmed and it can also be a fire risk.

@ chicmom....I've been trying the "heat lamp" idea...not so good but better than nothing. Thankx!

@Kelseygirl... Is the Hovabator styrofoam also? I'm leaning towards a Brinsea 20...just not sure. Thankx!

Thankx for the kind words guys. I'm just really upset about this...more than I think I realized I would be.
Your chicks have a chance. Just be glad that it didn't go up to 112 like mine did this morning! Your hatch might be a bit late, but still viable. Sending good hatching vibes your way.
Yes, seems like you should switch incubators. That's a lot of problems for one incubator.

If it were me I'd contact the store and demand a full refund for return of everything. Let them know that you are out way more time and dollars than what you are asking for. Might be a huge pain, but...

In the meanwhile, I do like the hovabator. I've had some low hatch rates, but that's due to user-error since I'm new. I've had no problems maintaining temp and humidity and it's easy to use. I have the forced air and the egg turner.

Good luck, don't give up!
Yep it is, and I have heard great things about the Brinsea, Even looked into it myself. The Hovabator Genesis is amazing at holding temps, it's what I bought when I got annoyed with the LG. But I think if I were to buy a new table top incuabtor I would go with a Brinsea. Now I have a Cabinet incuabtor, lol, the addiction has taken over.

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