Im devastated


Apr 7, 2022
Marion, Alabama
The neighbors dogs killed my girls. I'm heartbroken and angry. My precious Isa brown Patty, my buff Orpington Sunshine, and my Wyandotte Ethel were killed while I came inside for a potty break. I was just with them! I came outside and saw one of the dogs standing above Ethel and it ran away when I yelled. The only one alive I could find here was Goose the rooster who is injured no doubt trying to protect them. I looked for the others the rest of the day until dark. Two came from across the road, and 2 came to the run door from somewhere. They're safely inside but I'm still missing 2. I'm praying they're alive and are hiding somewhere. I feel so guilty for leaving them for a few minutes.
I am sorry for your losses and the additional anguish you must have felt when you saw the dog still standing over Ethel.

It seems like there is a rash of dogs-killing-chickens posts lately. Too many dog owners fail in their basic responsibility to keep their dogs home and under control (and, yes, I have dogs; mine are securely fenced and only outside when I am with them).

@defazzy is right. Survivors endure a great deal of stress, and it can take a long time for them to feel "normal" again.

Take care of yourself and them. You had no way of knowing your girls were in danger. I hope the missing girls come back, and that everyone else recovers from the trauma. Please keep us posted.

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