i'm getting a new breed of bird. is it any different?

Flock Runner

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Nov 27, 2011
i was thinking about getting new birds in the spring. i know i'm getting more hens but i also want to get 2 or 3 quail and let them free range and get 1 goose and put it with the ducks. will this work? is raising quail and goose any different from raising ducks and chickens? also, are quail loud? and what are their temperments? will the goose pick at the ducks or will it just ignore them? and will the quail go anywhere durring winter or if i raise them properly, will they stay around(and i will give them a little barn/shed/coop to stay in), and will i have to clip their wings? also, what do i do if i end up with quail eggs? are they edible, or will they hatch? are quail broody, or like some breeds of chicken that just leave their eggs? i'm mostly concerned about the quail if you haven't noticed. i think i can handle getting a goose(or should i get 2?)but if the quail "multiply" i don't want dead babies everywhere. also, what if i end up witheither 2 mails and 1 female or all males?! will they hurt eachother? or should i only get 1 to begin with? if i do, will i have to wory about it being lonely? i know this is a lot of questions but answers for any of them would be greatly appreciated.

tuesdays chicks

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Apr 26, 2010
stuart florida
I tried the quail when someone gave me free eggs to hatch, there is quail section in the index, and a goose section, I didn't enjoy them like the chicken or ducks and ended up giving them away.
gl on your choices

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