im getting dutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So we ordered 2 dutch bantams (along with the rest of our order) and I haven't done too much research but I heard they were good and I like trying new breeds! I was just wondering what is the breed like and any info you know on them. Do they fight a lot or pick on nice roosters because we're getting cochins and I would rather not have them picked on by the dutch, hope fully we're get a hen and roo [​IMG] I want a hen because I dont want fighting but the roosters are so pretty!!
    Thanks for any input you can put
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  2. No one? [​IMG]
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    I've got three Dutch Bantams in my flock and I personally think the roosters are the very nicest I've met. Mine are both calm and friendly and do not crow a whole lot nor do they pick fights with the other roos, though they will defend. My hen is a bit skittish.

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