I'm going to be totally random and totally honest.

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    I think all girls (young and old) need to hear this. Guys are not made of stone, they are not all as tough as nails like they seem. They just want to let you know they care, and are there for you. And try to make you feel safe. They are just as sensitive as us women. They care about their bodies, and care about how they look. They NEED reassurance that you love them. They can feel left out. They need someone to just listen sometimes. They need someone to let THEM know its going to be ok, and that someone cares. Sometimes they just need a hug. Nothing else. They like to cuddle, they cry at scary movies. They can be just as confusing as women at times. They can be big kids, and can't always make up their minds. They take WAAAAAY longer in the bathroom than we do sometimes. They are often obsessed with their hair. Some have more clothes than us too. They need to cry, they need their space. They will drive you out of your minds, but know they do it out of love. These are just some of the random things i have collected in my mind of the years i've been around guys and lived with two [​IMG] just something every girl should know and think about before being with a guy, or judging any guy. And the #1 thing is THEY ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE WOMEN... Love to all of y'all!
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