I'm going to fail my drivers test I just know it!


10 Years
Dec 4, 2009
I'm taking my G1 drivers test. Today I went for a practice test and failed:( I have 2 weeks to get my act together. I just can't drive when someone tells me what to do! IDK it just makes me nurvous. I apperently did a rolling stop when turning right on a red light-fail- and could for the life of me parallel park close enough to the curb -fail-! I do my driving in my DH's van but using a car for the test as our van isn't drive test worthy( small crack in the windshield). He said I wasn't Checking enoogh but I did check lots though,I guess I'll have to move my head alot more. I really,really need to pass this test! Help! p.s drinking to get over my fight isn't allowed right;)
I took my drivers test for the first time last wednesday I was extremely nervous too. When I got done I had a list of stuff she said I didnt do right I guess I didnt move my head enough to make her realize I was looking before turning. parallel parking? forget it never even got close on that one tried two times. I really thought I failed with all the things she came up with that I did wrong I got a 74 and had to have a 70 to pass. I imagine yours is harder I live in a fairly small town and went at a time when there wasnt much traffic. Good luck on your test I hope you pass!!
I can give you a few hints and suggestions if you want....

Make a point to exaggerate your actions.

stop and count to 3 at red lights when turning right, or at a stop sign...

talk... ALOT!!!!.. when you are approaching an intersection look ahead. If the light is green.. cover the break pedal, dont actually put your foot on the break just hover and say out loud. "approaching intersection, scanning for cars running the red light".

tell the examiner everything you are doing.. looking for pedestrians... whats the worst thing that can happen?.. they will tell you to shut up..lol

what ever vehicle you are taking your test in... practice in that vehicle all the time
Do you have a big parking lot you can practice in? My folks had a lot of land I practiced on way back when...helped a LOT and definitely make your looking appear more exaggerated
Touch your mirror, look left and right at your sideviews - even adjust them....adjust your seat...first of all though put on your seatbelt the FIRST thing you do
Yes I am repeating myself
I failed 6 times so dont feel bad. Just relax and dont watch the instructor mark on his clip board
No biggie if you don't pass the first time. Some testers are nice while others not so much. Definitely exaggerate your looking, DO NOT SPEED, and do full stops. They won't fail you for not being able to parallel park. It's not a skill that's absolutely required to drive (I almost never do it and been driving 12 years.)

At my test I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to take it because my parent's car horn hadn't been working, and they make you test the horn before you go. Praise God it worked that one day
I failed 2-3 times...think 2. First I didn't even get out of the lot really. There WAS a stop sign going ot the intersection, but it got knocked down, she told me it. I went there guess I forgot it was knocked down, but I know I stopped and she said I didn't.
the next time I didn't turn fast enough in the intersection
the last time I finally got it and parallel parked for my first time and passed.......And also, most my driving experience was not good, I didn't go far in my moms stick shift, and then she bought me an automatic, that helped but we hardly drive anywhere.
I examiner told me that he was giving me my license because he was not getting in that @#$% car again.

I have a rep for being a good driver but my family is not the best at maintaining a car.

He had me start it an show the lights worked. It backfired an painted him black. Come to find out the car had no breaks. I literally hit something to stop all threw the test.... The only time I have ever had to parallel park in my whole life was in that test.

I had a nice car to take the test in..... It didnt pass inspection.....

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