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    Feb 28, 2012
    A friend of mine gave me 6 Guinea hens last year and they have been both wonderful and awful! I have grown to love them even though they give me such a hard time. And I think they love me too (sometimes). Unfortunately, I have been having a run of bad luck. Back in the spring my husband decided that they were too noisy and decided to reduce my numbers (we also have 20 laying chickens). He gave them to a guinea farmer down the road, we still get to visit them, it's not the same though. Then one went missing one night after refusing to go inside to roost. A few weeks ago a neighbors dog killed my pied (that's a different thread) and 3 days ago one of my remaining 2 went broody. I shooed her off the nest and back home but she managed to escape the run and I haven't seen her in 2 days!
    I have two questions...
    1. Should I try to find her on our 40 acres? She didn't go back to the original nest and we covered it and removed the eggs thinking she would have to brood in the coop.
    2. Will my remaining guinea be ok? I know she's lonely for her friends. She stays with the chickens now mostly and always comes home to roost at night but she stares into the woods calling out to them. I feel so sad.

    Thank you!
  2. that really does sound sad...

    if you have no males the eggs shouldn't be fertile unless a
    rooster from your chicken flock breed her...( I know
    they don't need a male for eggs...was just saying)
    I would also think she would have come home each day
    while building up her egg count in a new nest...
    any chance of getting back one of those given to the farmer?
    she has the chickens but an old friend might pick up her spirits,
    would think she would be ok but her own kind to me would be better...

    hope your little girl returns home but may have fallen victim
    to a predator...

    not an expert, just love guineas
    and chickens, ducks, peafowl ..... oh, not to forget dogs and cats!

    good luck!

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