Im impressed with the 1583...


12 Years
Mar 8, 2008
A couple days ago I got a 1583 in..I have two 1588's but due to tax time and vehicle tags I had to scrimp a little this time..I had heard a lot of good things about the 1583 so I thought Id try one..Got a good deal on a new one and saved enough between it an a 1588 to tag my boat too

Anyway I know it has a wafer and is basically the same as a 2362 but it has a double paned large window..It may be the double pane but it holds temps much more precise than I thought it would. I have had it running and set for over two days now and it has only deviated a degree or less. It ranged from about 100.5* down to about 99.5* when the heat kicks back on.The average temp seems to be about 99.9*.I think thats pretty dang good for a wafer thermostat.
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