I'm moving... need help with coops for new place...


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
I currently have 4 runs with large 10x10 coops in each one... but we are moving and I am going to be separating all my breeds out individually, I need help with smaller coop ideas for smaller pens.

Anyone have pics or ideas for breeding pen coops?

Thanks in advance!
Hi there, how many birds are you wanting per coop? For my silkie breeding project i have one large coop, its a 12 x 8 and its raised 2.5 feet off the ground and the coop itself is 4 feet tall. I have it sectioned off ever 4 feet so i have 3 coops in one. The coop in the back is my layers coop. =D
Here is the front and at each beam its were the wall is to split it. Its not complete yet, i still need to add runs but that wont be any time soon since im just starting it.
Here is the side with the folding doors up. Its the clean out door for coop one.

Here is the back where the chicken doors are and the clean out door for coop 2 and 3. as you can see its not finished being framed. Its slowly getting there just takes more money. LOL. Also dont mind the stuff on the floor. I was cleaning out the coop one this day, and they chicks didn't need the lamp anymore.

Here is the last side with one of the doors open.

Here is a pic inside so you can see how its separated.

Hope these pics help with some ideas.

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