I'm new and need some advice....PLEASE!

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    Mar 24, 2015
    Hello all knowledgable chicken parents!
    I have been referring to this site for about 7 months now, that's when I became a mom to 3 silkie hens. My friend didn't want them anymore so I jumped in! I've done lots and lots of research, and still feel like I don't know enough. So today I decided to join Backyard Chickens so I can get the expert info I need.
    My girls are Gertrude, Agnus and Foxy. I believe they're about 2 yrs old. About a month after I got them a friend of mine offered me her young rooster she was wanting to rehome. I took him in and the girls and I fell in love! Agnus followed Marley, the rooster, everywhere and he showed the girls how to be free range chickens. All was great until about 2 weeks ago when I noticed Marley walking funny. I repeatedly checked his feet and legs, cut his nails but nothing helped. Then he started falling to one side. Well I brought him inside to keep him safe and warm and googled everything. Long story short, I took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with Merek's disease. I had him put down because I couldn't let him suffer. The vet said I could vaccinate the girls but if they were infected it wouldn't save them. So far the girls are great, knock wood! Well except Agnus, she really misses Marley.
    So, I was going to vaccinate for Merek's just in case. However after all the research I've done on Merek's most sites don't recommend vaccinating adult birds, only day old chicks. Has anyone else vaccinated adult birds as a precaution?? If so What else should I vaccinate for? Or shouldn't I vaccinate adult birds? I'm also planning on worming the girls since I'm pretty sure that's never been done. Am I missing anything else that would ensure my girls health?? I give them a complete layer feed mixed with scratch, along with tom or apples everyday and I've been giving them lettuce and celery stallks for their greens...plus some mealworms as a treat. I put apple cider vinager and probiotic in their water an make sure it's fresh. I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
    Also, my sister has a Cochin rooster that she rescued and offered him to me. I read that Cochins can get to 9 lbs, my girls are 2-3 lbs...would he be too big for them? I don't want my girls to get hurt. I could vaccinate him too, if that's suggested. Oh what to do??? Ok so who has some great advice?? Please help. Thank you all sooo much! I guess you can tell I'm an over protective new mom! :)
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    There are like 7 (I think) major strains of Mareks disease. Each strain requires its own vaccine. That said a Mareks vaccination is no guarantee that your birds won't get Mareks. But a Mareks vaccination beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

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