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6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
South Carolina
Hi again! I'm Denise from South Carolina. I don't have chickens (my neighbors do) but I want to get some guineas. I found ya'lll by googling for guineas & honey bees, which ya'll seem to have quite a bit of information on. Before I knew what I was doing, I posted my question on guineas, honey bees, bears, and electric fences, please forgive me for not following protocol. I will try to do better. I'm not much on computers, prefer the outdoor stuff - gardening, bees, etc. My husband is disabled (bad lungs), we are both retired military, live out in the woods, and are owned by one furry little cat, a Cymric manx named 'Bama Belle. Glad to meet ya'll and hope to learn alot here

Denise (aka BeeLady79)
Hello from Oregon & welcome to BYC - there is great info in the learning center tabs above ^^^
Glad you joined us! So... you say you want some guineas? Good luck, it is an addiction. Before you know it you will be joining us with chickens and ducks.
thank you both for your years in service. If you go to the "Other backyard poultry" forum one of the side tabs will be for guinea threads

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