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Apr 7, 2008

Since i'm new, I thought i'd introduce myself to you. My names Amanda(i'm sure you guessed from the username hehe). I have LOTS of animals, and I adore my chickens:

Ponyboy - Mixed bantam breed rooster
Sodapop - very pale gray mixed bantam hen
Dally - gray mixed breed bantam hen
Two-bit - dark gray mixed breed bantam hen
Walnut - brown mixed breed bantam hen
Scarlet - rhode island red hen
Noodle - Very small gray mixed breed bantam
Barred Rock - Barred Rock hen
Hermie - mixed breed orange and gray rooster
Cullen - mixed breed bantam rooster
Soup - mixed breed bantam rooster
Midnight - black and white chick (sodapop's)
Noon - Mostly whiteish gray and black chick (sodapop's)
Nameless - all gray chick (sodapop's)
Nameless - brownish white chick (sodapop's)
Plus I have two Barred Rock mixed eggs in my incubator. They've been there for a few days now and I checked today and their growing fine.

I have two domestic turkeys: Bonnie(F) and Clyde(M)

I have seven bobwhite quail chicks that I hatched via my incubator. For the first time using one, I thought it was a good outcome. Only two are named though: Goliath and Chiquita.

I have six rats: Penelope, Lillian, Oliver, Yoshi, Zale, and Bleu.

I have two dogs and three cats: Pepper, Hunter, Tina, Katie, and Daisy.

I also have two horses:
Sugar(vested emotion) - Registered bay AQH mare.
Lucky - Quarter Horse gelding.

I'll post pictures as soon as possible!
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Welcome to the forum Amanda!!
Did you name some of your chickens after characters from the movie The Outsiders?? (Ponyboy,Sodapop etc). You'll find this forum the best place to learn all kinds of things about chickens and everyone is so helpful and friendly!!

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