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    We butchered 2 of my roos today, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, when my dad and Grandma cut the first roosters head and lit him flop around and I just started balling my eyes out, this is the roo that spurred me this week and has been attacking me for months, and when He had stopped flopping around my Grandma came over and just lit me cry (she has raised chickens for years and had butchered many before) and said she was sorry and said that she knew he was my baby (I have had him since he was 2 days old) and then we butchered the second one who I felt even worse for, at one point he had been a sweetly and then had turned mean, I felt .... there was no turning back (there wasn't) and it was my fault.
    Then we scaled them and once and I could watch that and I help pluck them and watched the gutting and was fine.
    One of the thing that got me really ticked off was my brother (who hates my chickens) laughing while we butchered them and my dad did not get why I cred now and not when I killed my buck and that this guy had been my babies.
    And one question after we had plucked them there where this little hair like things one them that when I asked my Grandma what they where she has no idea and said she just all ways burned them of?
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    well i hope ya feel better about cullin them chickens. as far as killing them death is as much of life as life itself. that is part of havin chickens and would of had to be done sooner or later,

    dont be mad at your brother for laughing it may seem cruel but everyone handles things diff. if that is his first time expienceing that he may not know how to react.

    dont let it sit on your mind to hard and a few days you should feel better
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    don't be mad at your brother for laughing it may seem cruel but everyone handles things diff. if that is his first time experiencing that he may not know how to react.

    No, he it was not stress laughing, he just hates them and wanted to see them die and me so upset and no one would make him leave, even though I did not what him any where the area [​IMG]
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    That is what brothers do. Siblings seem to want to hurt each other while still loving and caring. Hard to explain. He probably WAS trying to handle it and made it about you to cover it. Just let it slide if you can. I'd give anything to be able to tease my middle brother once again. He is in a much better place and I miss him! [​IMG]
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    Your feelings are perfectly normal. It took me a year before I could even watch my husband whack the heads off of our chickens and now I can do it myself. I've never had a problem watching them flopping around, pluck or gutting them. I just didn't want to see him axe the heads off. Then one day I got brave and decided I needed to watch and learn. It wasn't as bad as I thought and like I said, now I can do it myself.

    We had been butchering chickens for a year when we decided we wanted to raise our own Thanksgiving turkeys. They have a personality like no other, at least ours did. I was very up set the day we had to butcher them and I even had tears in my eyes. I swore on that day that we wouldn't raise turkeys again because it was too easy to get attached to them. It's been 7 months now and I can't raise them again. I suppose you just have to get over it when you have a family to support.

    As far as your brother goes he's a boy and boys act like idiots sometimes. I have a step son who does annoying things like that and that's why he's not allowed here when we butcher because I know he'd make stupid comments or laugh. Maybe next time it would be better if you weren't there when your family butchers the chickens. Remember brothers are only there to bug the crud out of you [​IMG]

    ETA: If it was my son laughing while my daughter was upset about her chickens being buthcered he'd have another thing comin'!
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    So sorry...it is hard , but it's a fact of life . Just know that you gave them a good home . ANY sibling is a pain ! He just does it to get your reaction , try not letting it bother you .

    Those hairs are on every chicken , I'm not sure what their purpose is......but for generations handed down , we were also taught to burn them off .

    Be strong , and try to ignore your brother , or maybe have him do the butchering , and you can be left alone to do the plucking and gutting .[​IMG]
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    Its too bad you had to watch a being that you raised have its head chopped off and its headless body flopping around on the ground.

    There is no need for this. Get a killing cone, a sharp knife and im sure the next time wont be so traumatic.

    good luck. [​IMG]

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