I'm not sure I'm cut out to raise and care for chickens....


7 Years
May 4, 2015
Northern Michigan
My family has our first flock of chickens. We had 6 hens that we raised since April of this year. Yesterday (Thanksgiving morning), our sweet Vanilla was killed. A cement bird bath top came off and crushed her. This is our first loss and I am heartbroken. It was just so unexpected and I feel so bad that I didn't see the danger to the chickens. Thankfully, I found her before the kids saw and got the birdbath off of her, etc. I was so hoping she would somehow be okay. I just can't get the image out of my head....it scares me how much I am saddened by this. I have to do this again 5 times!! The kids and I spent the morning digging her grave, and saying goodbye. I knew some of the people here would understand, thanks so much for listening! I am uploading a picture of Vanilla from last month.
She was lovely. I am sorry for your loss.

You keep birds for a while and you gain more confidence. You get more practical about...things. I started raising chickens when my kid was a toddler because I thought it would be a valuable life lesson. I had no idea how valuable it would be on so many levels, not just for the kid, but for the whole family. The lessons were especially valuable for me, which I never foresaw when I started in on this adventure.

You are discouraged today because you had a lousy day that ended in tears, sorrow and grief . Don't let today get you down. Tomorrow is a new day.
Thanks...I know it was a freak accident and we won't have the birdbath out again unless it is bolted together (or secured in some other way). It just never occurred to me that it could fall off. Thanks for your kind words.
Thank you! I thought we were prepared....we know the dangers of free ranging etc. I just never expected THAT kind of thing to happen. I check on the chickens all day long and most people don't understand how much interaction and care you can give them:) My kids pick them up every single day! I just hope that when the others die it won't be so traumatic!!!
I am so sorry-i am new to the chicken world too-I have 4 young chicks and 4 new layers and am so attached to all of them. I can understand your sadness. They make me smile and are awesome pets. So sorry for you- but all will be ok.
I once had a roosting system collapse on my favorite hen. The day after she died we found a nest of 8 of her eggs. Hang in there it will get better.

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