I'm Sharing a tip for winter laying.....:-)


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Apr 9, 2015
Hi, all! Just wanted to share a tip for other flock owners. If you have a coop without electricity like mine than you may appreciate this tip! I am in new England so daylight is short right now. I read to put light in my coop to help hens continue to lay. But how? Well, I was at Lowe's (like home depot) and happened to walk by holiday lights section. They have bright LED bulbs in a string that are battery operated!! I bought two packages and left the string attached so there is just a wad of lights. I hung two from inside my coop and girls have kept laying!! Just thought I would share with my chicken peeps!! So, hurray and grab them before season ends!! :)
Hi All,
I would like to know what kind of hens will lay in their second or third winter. I have about one of each of the hens. All of them are pure bred but not laying this their second yr. I use lights but still no go. The first winter that worked fine but not now. They finished their molt and the combs are red. But I need eggs. Will the comets, red or production black sex links do any better? Thanks

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