I'm SO bummed. :( PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Jul 29, 2011
    I was asking for help for my rooster a few days back. His droppings didn't seem alarming at the time, but he wasn't eating and he's lost a LOT of weight. He has deteriorated every day, and now he's stumbling a bit because he's so emaciated and weak. I syringe fed him whole milk yogurt and gave him polyvisol for a for a few days to give him strength, and today I gave him the medicated water to worm him. (how many days does he get this water?) I also bought him game bird starter feed for more fat and protein, and bought him meal worms for a treat. He LOVED them. They are roasted or something, they are not live. Anyway, when I picked him up, I noticed a black mark on his neck. Upon looking closer, he has a HUGE, golf ball sized tumor. The black mark may be where there is some dead tissue? I've been reading here and it looks like it could be lymphatic leikosis or Mareks. Because the tumor is so large, it it too late to treat? I hope someone with experience will chime in. Poor roo. He was like a doll to my dd. She'd push him around in a stroller and carry him like a doll. He's 2 months shy of 1.5 years old and he's a buff orpington.

    ETA: his comb turns blue and purple periodically. He's too weak to go underneath the heat lamp so I've brought him inside the house.
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    I wouldn't think that Marek's would affect him at 1.5 yrs old, but I could be wrong. You can tube feed him that baby parrot food. I think there are several threads explaining how to tube feed.
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    So sorry to hear about your roo...wish I could help, but a golf ball sized tumor can't be good... [​IMG]
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    I cannot help but wonder if the tumor is shutting down his oxygen or blood supply, hence the darker comb. Sorry about the tumor.
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    It could be Marek's or LL, but the only way to tell is a necropsy. It could just be a tumor by itself . Regardless, if he's weak and his comb turns purple or blue, and he is losing weight, it does not sound good, and it doesn't sound like anything you can fix. I hope I'm wrong, but he has multiple problems.


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