I'm so in love with my three E.E.'s!!!


Jun 9, 2019
Omg I actually have a crush on my three eggers..I have two pullet one Cockerel super psyched cuz both hens are blue it lavender highlighted actually ones totally blue smoke with maroon splashed and gorgeous the other has violet BLK and blue smoke and my Cockerel was partridge when smaller still had some markings but it's getting blue smoke coming in on his new feathers.. All three will make gorgeous chicks.. Can't wait and super in love with them all
this is my suspect sharp hackle he's a Cockerel been doing his job before his time
this is my dark pullet she's going to be the mommy.. my EEs are almost four months this is my violet BLK n blue smoke (camera sux can't tell colors well) but she's super beautiful but my shyest.. super sweet she's already a sitter with no eggs yet lol .. This ones tazer the one below is Lazer she sounds like a lazer gun on Star wars lol but this is my screen shot I took off a post of mine this ones my favorite she is my blue smoke pullet with maroon splashed feathers.. So I'm in love with my birds.. Figure that
They are beautiful! It amazes me the color variety of EEs... oh so many colors! You could have a whole flock of just EEs and everyone look different! And talk about personality :love.. I have four and the three youngers are turning out gorgeous... can’t wait to see the eggs! And another great thing about them is that you get various egg color as well!

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