I'm Trying to Hatch Out Eggs


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Sep 30, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
For the first time. How do I sit on them without crushing them?

No, just kidding.

One of my Barred Rocks went broody recently. I've never seen a hen hacth out and raise chicks, since I have no roo, and I've always wanted to see it. So I bought some fertilized eggs locally, and replaced the non-fertiles she was sitting on with the fertiles. I put in eight eggs, and got my hand nipped eight times. Brat.

The fertiles are all white, and I have only brown layers, so it will be easy to take out the new eggs, if Miss Jean Broody ever leaves her next box long enough for another hen to lay in it.

I got four blue Andulusian (sp?) eggs, and four Polish. I'm of course hoping for pullets, since any roos will need to go live in the country. I just realized I don't know how old the eggs are, aside from old enough that they could be identified as fertile. I suppose I will just need to check them each day.

So I would think that the hen knows what to do without much interference from me. Is that right? Any tips for a first-time chicken grandma-to-be?


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Apr 9, 2009
well besides cracking an egg open or starting to incubate it you can't tell for sure an egg is fertile.
Hopefully you get a good hatch.
Barred rocks are not particularly broody and you never no she may very well decide to stop setting.

She will know what to do. I wouldn't check them everyday. If you want to check them wait until they have been under her for 7-10 days. Then when you candle you should be able to see development

Good luck!

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