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Mar 31, 2012
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My Coop
I'm offering a Image Watermarking service for people with picture theft problems

each image will be watermarked to exactly how the customer wants it

the text style position and colour will be of you choice

I can even do company logos (logo to be provided by customer)

The Price is 50pence per image

bulk images will be discounted

this will be conducted via email so no waiting and instant turnaround
1 image is very quick

bulk images I will advise may take a day or 2

you will email me the image I will edit it put in water mark and email it back to you

here are a few quick examples of what can be done (bear in mind I can pretty much do anything)

I can do standard TEXT any font size style or position

also the company logo

and can even do colour watermarks

I have many years experience in graphics design and image manipulation.

you may reply here or pm me for this service and payment via Paypal G

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