Imp, Redhen and PC - Pay attention!


Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I am about to shut my computer down. It's almost time for Criminals Minds to come on ION and I MUST HAVE MY CM FIX. I got cheated out of it last night, because A&E decided to air some bull manure about paranormal stuff instead. I MUST HAVE MY CM FIX. I can't stress that strongly enough.
Y'all are forbidden to have fun without me, do you hear? All fun must cease until tomorrow.

Carry on (but don't have fun doing it)

Gritty - thinks "Morgan" is way hotter than both an impy and a purple chicken. Sorry guys
OOh.. gotta go check out the show,... **looking for a Morgan..**
No worries here, Grits.. I'm closing down soon too... getting old..
Did no one watch Favre just make his 500th and 501st career touchdown passes?

He's 41 years old and still playin' like a kid.
I'm with you gritty, Criminal Minds on ion. Over the summer they had a couple Sunday marathons. Good times.

I need to go too, haven't fed the animals or myself yet, and tomorrow is my Monday. Up at 5:30.

And I have a sick chicken in the house under observation, need to cook up something for her- scrambled eggs w/ a side of tetracycline.

Night all

On the news tonight they were pronouncing his name fav ra. Isn't it more like Farve?

Guess he's not that big here. Seattle is a fairweather friend to sports.

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