Impacted croup... byc help needed! asap!


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Jun 7, 2012
I have an Araucana hen that I'm 90% sure she has an impacted croup.. it has not gotten to sour croup as of yet.
First I will tell you what I'm doing (after hrs of reading on here!) & than please feel free to help me if you can!
I have noticed for about 5-7 days my little hen was not as excited about feeding time as she normally is.. she is a small girl to start off with so I always make sure she is well fed.
I noted a listless behavior about 4 days ago so I brought her into a stall & treated her with a dose of Tetracycline, I left her in for a few days... she was only fed egg yolk & yogurt during that time. Please note at this time I was not really sure what was going on with her. On day 4 in the am I let her out of the sick room only to notice not much change in her.. she seemed slow & was separating herself from the flock... I left her out to free range but kept a good eye on her... separated her at night.. came & started to read.... sounded like a croup issue although not like a big balloon croup more like a little hard ball of puddy. impacted, no foul smell or discharge.
SO.. Last night I brought her into the house.. ( pleases note she is gradually getting weeker) I gave her Mineral oil directly into the croup followed by unpasteurized organic apple vinegar diluted with water (with the mother) 15 min massage, left her for the night. on a towel so she could not eat anything. She pooped.. a runny poo.. but it was digested not whole. This am her croup feels about the same slightly less but not by much.. now I can distinguish little rocks ect in there.. its not just fibrous materials. I dosed her again with mineral oil & a massage, followed by undiluted acv as I was told this will start setting the ph right if given undiluted.. she was ****** with me after that... Min oil has been give at about 3-5 ml acv 3-4 ml per dose
SO now.... what to do? I didnt want to give her anything to eat to fill the croup back up... but she seriously is waisting away.
I have given her fresh water to drink only, I don't think she is intrested.

(i just want to say here.. its funny how chickens are imposters, she is not well but acts well when her friends come to see her!)

I need to know how to go forward?
I have read 3 days no food just massauge (3-10 times a day) & min oil/acv treatement..
How much min oil per dose.. am i giving enough?
Whats the thing with V8?

I dont feel comfortable force vomiting I'm worried of aspiration, although I will if I have no other choice.
Also I don't feed my hens bread (as it can also cause croup issues)
Sounds like you are doing a lot of work for your hen. That is good and I wish you the best.

I use olive oil and I put a few drops down her throat and massage that, has usually gotten better in a few days. You can put the acv in the water itself as well and I would imagine that since you could feel it breaking up things are getting better.
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Thanks... I dont want her to starve to death on me.. although thats what it feels like she is doing....

OK..... it has almost been 24hrs now. 5 min oil & ACV treatments & multiple massauges. The croup is very slowly going down... but she is getting weak. (tipping over when placed on her feet.)
I'm going to feed her some soaked layer pellets along with a bit of egg yolk... I hope she eats.. she needs something... if she is not wanting to eat should I syringe feed it?
She just pooped again... it looks like there is frank red blood in it now blood in it.... she has no intrest in eating... did a little peck & that was it.... i just left it with her.
what do i do from here....

She pooped again it has no more blood in it..
She is still so weak, her croup is mostly empty now, I can feel some small rocks in there now that nothing more is left..
I am now giving her electros & trying to get her to eat egg.... Not much luck she is showing no interest in food.
Do I keep acv & min oil up??
Anybody have a word to end???
I would stop with the acv and the min oil if the crop has gone down, and try to get her to eat some cooked egg and yogurt. You can put the acv in the water. But you need to try and get some nutrition in her.
She is not well this am!
Her croup was full of air...
I can still feel a gritty substance in there..
It's like sand or little rocks...
She is pooping its watery but not bloody...
I'm just not sure what to do???
Can something be blocking her gizzard??
Does her crop have an odor, could she have sour crop. If so you could treat that with some Monistat (Miconazole) for yeast infection. You could also try flushing her crop, or crop surgery, search the forums for that, I have not had to do either so not much further help there.

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