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Feb 10, 2018
Western Australia
While staying in the house due to a suspected leg deformity, one of my pullets has become VERY attached to me, following me around, begging for attention and hiding under me when she gets scared...

While this is adorable right now, I was wondering if anyone had any tips that might make it easier for her to go into the special coop we are creating for her so she doesn't get picked on, as right now she gets distressed when I leave her, which means she is often awake late at night which is not very healthy for her


Wattle Fondler
May 23, 2017
Greenville S.C, formerly Noneya U.S.A
Is she still very young? If so this is completely normal, once her hormones start she will become less dependent on you no matter the circumstances of her upbringing. She's going to cry when you put her out, even normal ones do it just stick your fingers in your ears and don't listen! I'm being serious, if you listen you'll have a house chicken....forever! :)


Aug 16, 2017
Chickens are social animals and shouldn't be alone. I'd say if you could get another gentle hen and introduce and monitor them for safety it should be ok. Your her only friend right now of course she' going to miss you! :)

My last chicks had each other (4 of them), but would see me at night and RUN to me chirping because they were not used to being in the barn yet. I agree and laughed when you said it's cute now... but I told my chicks it's time to cut the cord...

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