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    Hello everyone, I have a question. I have a little chick I got from a friend. Should I let it imprint on me? I will be going away to college soon and I wont be able to take her. She will stay with my family. But I will be visiting pretty often. I will be coming back for her when I finish college and I was concerned that she wouldn't see me as her mommy if I left and came back. Any suggestions?
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    What she needs more than a mommy is a friend or two to keep her company. They can all imprint on you and still keep each other company when your not there. Just remember that if your gone for 4-5 months she will be all grown up before you get back She could be laying around the 4th of July unlessyou have a little boy on your hands.
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    While they can be very endearing, and there can be the occasional exception, chickens are flock animals and not like cats or dogs that imprint heavily upon humans as their flock nor do well as the sole animal in the household.

    She/he will be happiest with a flock mate.

    Handling and treat giving is helpful to keep them comfortable around humans. As long as someone is there to interact with her (and the flock), in particular give treats, they become quite eager to follow you.

    But unless it is the exception, most chickens are happiest being outside scratching in dirt, flocking together with their chicken family, and just being a chicken enjoying some human attention (and treats) intermittently in the day.


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