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8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
Okay...sooo.... Had a broody hatch out at least 7 chicks last night and now needs a bigger pen to raise them. I have a pen available. So whats the problem you ask? I also have 6 easter egger chicks, a mix chick, and 2 ducklings ranging from 4-7 weeks old. They are in the brooder box, which I will be needing next week ( wednesday) as I have a batch in the incubator. They have also outgrown the box.
So build another pen and leave them cramped in the small one for now? let the older chicks/ducklings share a pen with the broody mama and her babies? or take the babies from mama and put them in the brooder box to get joined by the new fuzzis coming next week?


With those ages, I am afraid I would be building another pen. What I have done is to make a pen within the coop for the 4-7 week olds that way they get used to the bigger chickens and bigger chickens get used to them. I think I usually do this at 5-6 weeks of age though... And I also judge by how big they have gotten and if they had any issues.

You could try them with Mamma but I am a bit nervous about this as well as we know Mamma will be protective and chicks are very curious.

Again I would be building another box
Yeah we have a pen inside the chicken coop that we use as the "transition box" as well! I just dont know who needs it worse! I'll probably put the chicks/ducklings in there since they will be intergrating with the flock whereas the new chicks will be sold.

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