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    Apricot the young hen died last year around June, along with her sister and our beautiful rooster...They were all killed by a weasel, who suddenly disappeared. It has been almost a whole year yet they all live on in our memories and hearts. This thread is dedicated to Apricot, my hen who I raised since she was a day old until she died, since it's almost that time when she died....
    Apricot was a young Red Star pullet. She was almost going to "graduate" into a hen. She was friendly, very cute, and loving. She was my very first chicken experience. The last thing she left us before she died was a perfect, brown egg...kind of like a parting gift. Peach, her sister, left us a perfect brown egg, too.
    On the day of her their death, we were all devastated... of course, we were thankful that we still had Seth the rooster, but one day he died was very tragic and heartbreaking for us. After all three chickens had died, the weasel suddenly disappeared. He didn't even touch our two ruthless roosters, who were in another coop across from the attacked coop. I can't help but think, or even know, that God sent the weasel to do what he did. Then he left. But it happened for a reason.
    Today, we have some more beautiful Red Stars and other chickens. I have a very very friendly Red Star pullet named Cinnamon. I love her with all my heart and she loves me back. She knows when I come to visit, and she loves it when I carry her around the yard. I am so thankful to have Cinnamon as my best animal friend, although I still miss Apricot today. It makes me sad when I look back in my old diaries and read passages that say things about Apricot, Peach, and Seth, such as "...Apricot, Peach, and Seth are getting bigger! Marty and Ty(roosters) are getting bigger too. Apricot and Peach should be laying some eggs soon, and so will Seth!...." (at the time we thought Seth was a girl).

    So, that is Apricot's story. She, her sister, and Seth will live on in our hearts and memories forever. I am thankful that I had the experience to care for and love Apricot as I did/still do. And I'm still experiencing that love and passion; but for Cinnamon.

    As the months pass, and we begin hatching baby chickens out in Summer and caring for them, I will be always thinking of how it all started; it all started with the beginning of raising chickens, named Peach, Seth, Marty, Ty, and Apricot. Marty and Ty are still alive today, but for those three very much loved chickens, rest in peace... [​IMG]
    Thanks for reading and please remember Apricot, her sister and their rooster as wonderful chickens who are now in heaven with God.
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    Awww... It's so hard to lose a beloved pet.

    I'm glad we have BYC. People here really "get it" when it comes to how much we love our chickens. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yes I love it here too! [​IMG] It's like one of the first websites I go to almost everyday! [​IMG]
    Thanks for moving the thread for me; sorry I put it in the wrong forum! [​IMG]
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    Rest in Peace Apricot. It is so hard to lose one.

    I am so thankful for BYC and the understanding members here.
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