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12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
N.E Ohio- Suffield
It is just getting to dusty in the house for the chicks. They are almost 5 weeks and was thinking on moving them to the coop. The coop is attached to a heated barn. There is a window from the barn to the coop. When I open the window the heat doesn't move into the coop. I have a small fan that will warm the coop right up. My question is will the moving warm air be to hard on the chicks? I will also install a heat lamp but alone the lamp doesn't warm the coop up. What are your thoughts. Don't want to kill them off now by making the wrong decision. John
John, if you can safely keep the heat up where is should be for them, then I would think they would be okay. Thye dont care whether they are in a barn or the house, all they care about is that you install the heat lamp!!!
At 5 weeks they are getting closer. Maybe you can hang on for a few more days. I live in Upstate WNY, and our weather is similar to yours. I think today through the end of the weekend is going to be cold and nasty, but after that we may actually be staying closer to the 40's.
Anyway, if you have a heat lamp in there it may not heat the whole area, but just enough for them to get under if needed. They should be fine! But note they are doing a bit of flying now so be careful where the lamp is put.
The heat lamp is one thing I worry about. The coop is 4'x8' and with the 3 nest boxes and the perch above that it doesn't leave much room for heat to get to the floor without the lamp being to close to the roost. The heat is holding at 55 with out the heat lamp. The breeze from the fan is the other question I had. John
The breeze from the fan may cause a draft and that is bad for the chicks, so be careful about that. What do you think would be the distance of the closest thing to the heat lamp?
From the top of the roost to the heat lamp would be 4' and then 3' to the floor a total of 7' ceiling height. I also was thinking that they might sit on top of the nest boxes which would be close to 70+ degrees. No drafts in the coop except for the fan. Well insulated coop with weather stop on every door. The biggest problem is getting the 70+ heat to the floor. John

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