In need of alot of prayers...

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    I sit here trembling and sobbing all over my keyboard right now..yes I am I admit it..

    Coco was a bantam RC RIR rescue that I saved about 2 1/2 years back. She had been through alot before I got here. Getting abused and taughted by brats, picked up and thrown down you name it... Finally I was able to bring her home little did I know this little angel and me would grow so attached she wasn't even a chicken at all to me. She was family.

    Time went on as she grew healthy and strong again and presented me with her first egg by a surprised sound coming from the coop. She was one of the few young ones that would come running up to me and fly AT me exsspecting me to catch her, which I always did of course. Her cross beak/deformed nose holes didn't slow her down one bit. Maybe at the county fair for awhile but she had her own charm to win the hearts of anyone there. Didn't matter to me she was always a winner in my heart. Last year she did get Reserve Champ bantam hen though.

    She grew and grew into a fine young hen and still sweet and cuddley as ever. I was surprised one day to her acting a I was worried until I figured out she wanted a little family of her own. I ordered some eggs from a fellow BYCer and set a few under her. A few weeks later she blessed me yet again with a little fuzzy butt bantam SLW chick. Even when she had chick she would still make time to come flying at me with wings spred wanting her daily/hourly hug and cuddle. The two of them played and scratched through the lillies once I was home to let the two out.

    The both of them grew up as Cookie her lovely daughter got fluffier and fluffier and learned the ways of her mom. She wasn't totally like her mother Coco but she still had a spark of her. She raised Cookie up the way she wanted and she did the best job a mother could do. Cookie blessed me with her first egg. They hung out all day long and did their own little things together.

    Earlier in this year things started going downhill for Coco. The problem of her having a crossbeak and deformed nose holes finally caught up with her. Took her to the vet aand $211 later it turned out she had a bad infection up in her nose because she wasn't able to get the gunk out of there since she was missing her preening nail. She got better after daily nasle flushes and liquids given to her by needle. Soon she was back out in the coop with her daughter and friends. A few months went by with no problem until today. I got home from work and noticed something wasn't right with her. I brought her in and gave her some of her favorite treats- beemoth or waxworms. She seemed to perk up with some water and baby food so I gave her her hugs and cuddles and took her back to her nest in the coop. She clucked contently and sat down on the three eggs I hadn't collected today with Honey the broody growling next to her (all bark and no bite) I shut the coop worried but somewhat relieved and went inside and took a short nap. I woke up and sat on the couch for a little bit and then wandered outback to check on everyone. Everything seemed normal as I walked around the yard being tailed by all the birds that weren't in their pens. I went to check on Coco, as I walked back there I could tell something was wrong. I rushed to the door and opened it up to my little angel laying just outside her nestbox....Gone.. without a mark on her... She got her final hugs and kisses as her memorial was dug between the lillies that her and her daughter loved. With tears and a broken heart I clipped a couple of her silk feathers and gave one last and final hug and kiss and layed her down.

    I lost the best bird a person could ever wish for. She was a once in a life time girl. She was there for me when I needed comforting when I was in school. She was my cry pillow,my friend, my child, my comforter, anything I could wish for and maybe more then a person could of given. Not enough tears can be shed for Coco. I just wish I had my guardian angel back..

    This is the last picture I'll ever have of Coco I'll never forget that face...
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    That was very sweet, and brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad you rescued Coco when you did, and she ended up a beautiful girl. My prayers are with you. [​IMG]
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    I am so sad for your loss. I know the pain of losing a feathered friend and it is devastating. The only comfort I can offer is to remind you how blessed she was to have you as her rescuer and caregiver through her life. You gave her the best gift of all. She was loved and that is the best any of us....animal or human can hope for. Those of us who know and love chickens are very proud of you!!!!!!
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    Oh my! I am so sorry! She's a pretty girl. And she is in gods big coop now watching over you and the flock.
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    May 19, 2011
    What an awesome bird to have. She probabley thought what an awesome owner to have! My thoughts are with you.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss!! [​IMG]
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    I am just so sorry for your loss of a great friend. [​IMG] The great part is that you had her and she had you to take care of her and give her a good life.
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    Mar 29, 2011
    I am so sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
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    Dec 2, 2009
    Attack I'm soo sorry [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:It brought tears to my eyes too! I'm so so sorry to hear you lost such a sweet girl. Your love for her is very inspiring.

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