In-Ovo injection experiment?

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    Hello guys! So as some of you who have been following my last experiment know,it did not go well. I have been rethinking everything, redesigning, and regrouping my thoughts based off of the mistakes I have made and learned.

    I am thinking of doing in-ovo experiment with 96 fertile eggs. (A user here gave me this suggestion!) For those who don't know, on day 17.5 of incubation, a solution is injected into the egg. This is to see if that solution affects hatchability, weight, and overall performance of hatched chicks.

    The poultry businness is searching for the perfect formula and many are testing various substances such as gluten. The hope is that the poultry business is not using antibiotics if the perfect formula is discovered.


    I am testing vitamin D

    Never been done before. My knowledge that that vitamin d makes bones grow and can be safely administered to poultry

    Don't worry, this experiment is approved by a veterinarian

    1) what do you guys think
    2) is there another substance that I can try to test? (Hasn't been tested)

    3) where can I get 96 cheap hatching eggs? Any breed but broilers are preferred!!

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