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Did you get that one stone you said would take you most of a day to roll down out of the woods?
No, that stone is larger than these, I will roll it in the summer, when the weather is fine and dry. Now, when it rains with sleet, or when there is snow, it will be difficult to roll a wet slippery stone. Especially considering that the soil here is clayey and slippery and the paths in the forest are now full of puddles.
Unfortunately, I don't have a heavy-duty wheelbarrow yet, I found two old, but quite serviceable wheels, but I have to pick up and buy some kind of rear axle from the car for them, cut off the excess and weld the cart. I have long wanted to do this, but so far there has not been a suitable opportunity.
Usually such carts are made using spare parts from cars sent to the landfill. I want to make something like that on occasion

This is not my picture, I took it from the Internet. It does not quite accurately describe what I want, I don’t need such a long handle, but I want to weld something like this.

and I will try to shift the center of gravity more to the axis, so that when moving, I do not have to suffer much. In general, about the same car, but with car wheels, made from the rear axle of a car. Those stones that interest me clearly weigh more than 200 kg, and it will not work to transport them with an ordinary garden wheelbarrow, and a truck will not pass there, because there are many trees and a narrow path. And it will be very unprofitable for me to hire a truck.
This hobby is not at all on my list of urgent matters, I do it very slowly and lazily. Today I will go to pick up one more small stone, and then I will leave it until next year, I need to fix one of the generators that stopped starting. It feels like i just need to clean the spark plug. Now this is also not an urgent matter, but in February or March, when the geese begin to lay, I will need this generator so as not to risk the eggs when they are in the incubator (sometimes here are times when the electric power goes off).

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