Inconstant laying


9 Years
Aug 25, 2010
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I have a 2 y/o Barred Rock house chicken. She's a spoiled rotten little brat. But recently she has not been laying like she has in the past. In the past 30 day cycle she has laid 11 times. The longest stretch was 9 days.

Since she lives in the house, the shorter days shouldn't matter. She still gets outside when the weather allows so she can scratch and eat bugs and get into trouble. We feed her a balanced diet and she gets free access to pullet rocks and other treats.

We don't rely on her eggs for food, I do use or share them, I keep on eye on her so she's not egg bound, she's not lacking calcium, she's not molting.. I'm very concerned. Our vet takes care of our dogs and our birds but not chickens. There isn't any discharge from her nose or eyes, she's not coughing but will occasionally sneeze. She eats and drinks normally.

Am I being overly worried? Is this normal for a 2y/o hen?
Any help or advice will be appreciated,
Thank you in advance
At 2 yrs old many hens start slowing down their egg production, I would not be concerned as long as she is behaving normally. She is just getting ready for retirement! Better get her a bikini ;)

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