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    So, I have a 16x24 barn/shed, and a old 16x35 fenced portion of yard (garden that never got going honestly). I have been talking to my wife for a while to start raising our own animal / small-time farming. We laid the groundwork, and the first thing I am to do is setup a chicken coop. Her only stipulation was that it be a "nice one." There are a lot of people in my area who raise chickens and house then in little more than tents made of twigs and old garbage bags.

    The picture of my working-area is right below. I am thinking of fixing up the fence, and closing in the potion that hits up against the barn (I don't want chickens going underneath barn). I will use chicken wire, or chain link (whatever I can get cheapest / Craigslist). Somehow, don't know how, I will then top off the fenced portion with something.

    I really have no idea on how I will end up building the coop. I may build a simple 4x8 with slanted roof, and attach it to the left side of the run. This would give me a solid 560sqft run. Anyhow, I barely have the size of my run/coop figured out. Now starts the actually planning and sourcing of materials. The corny / wannabe farmer in me wants to build a coop that looks like my barn. I just think that would look really cool...

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