Incredible Healing Abilities


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
I had a quail that got totally scalped last week and then I miffed up and got Blukote in its eye. We had to go out of town and when we left, the eye was not opening and all messed up looking. We left on Sunday and got back today and Presto Chango! The eye is completely open and the head is almost healed. These quail have super healing abilities. I'm amazed.
I'm right with you. One of my hens was wounded pretty badly about a week ago and I am astounded with the rapidity of her healing! Today, you'd have to look for the wounds. Amazing creatures!!
I have one hen that goes through "pms" each month. She goes after everyone and I let it be. No use babying her. What happens is that everyone gangs up on her and she ends up in the corner with a bloodshot eye and looking pathetic. Heals up fast. For the rest of the month she is fine and then the "tude" kicks in again

Love that girl!
I have a teeny little Dutch Bantam that got attacked by a hawk. She "released" her feathers and got away, but the hawk cut a huge slice down her back. I Blukoted it, and 3 days later she had new feathers growing in. I was pleased with how I handled it as well. I was shaking pretty badly, as she is one of my absolute favorite little darlings, but I got her fixed up and put her in with my broody Austrolorpe. She snuggled with her for a week and when the eggs hatched she was ready to go back in the coop. She was a bit more timid afterwards, but she's back to her normal, sweet, loving self again.

Here is Henwyn, the Austrolorpe, and Cleo, my little girl, snuggling up in the broody hutch.

Needless to say, only the Big Girls are allowed out of the safety of their pen now.
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Ask me why it takes 7 women with PMS to change a lightbulb......

I KNOW I shouldn't.... but, Why does it take 7 women with pms to change a lightbulb?
Birds heal really well.

Dog attack day:

One week later:

And now 3 weeks later all the feather germs have produced pinfeathers and the scar from the wound is the size of a thumbnail and completely covered by new skin. It's shrinking by the day! (need to get a pic)

ETA: PIC @ 3 weeks
Eek! Yea, it looks so bad, its hard to believe how quickly it heals. I'm very happy about the fact, tho, as its made me more confident when injuries occur. I've had lots of different issues to deal with, and I'm happy to say I've only lost one little pullet in. 2 1/2 years.

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