Incubated 10 ckn eggs and got 4 healthy chicks


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Nov 26, 2020
I received 10 fertilized eggs from a local farm. I’m at incubation day 23 and I’ve hatched only 4 eggs. It has Been exciting and stressful. I have decided to add to my flock through mail order. I still can’t decide what I’m going to do with the chicks who end up being Roos ☹️


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You got better luck then me with mail eggs, I only hatched two out of twelve even then though one of them had a deformed leg (she’s a little fighter, we still have her and her name is April she is developing well). Good luck with you’re chicks there so cute :)
Maybe the local farm roosters not been doing his job. Did you candle the eggs earlier? See any development?

On the what to do with roosters.... well they are hard to even give away most of the time.. Many don't want them or live in a neighborhood that don't allow them then the ratio of roosters to hens leaves many with only needing one at the most. Then if you give them away you have feed cost in them and its likely they may get put on a plate. For me the solution is freezer camp. When I hatch or buy straight run they will all be raised together and I separate them into their own area away from the hens as they mature. Less fighting that way.
well, if the situation allows you can do what i do, 'free range' them ... as in, only my layers go in the coop ... of course if the natural selection out there isnt controlling things and you wind up with a herd of roosters you might have to get more drastic lol ...

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