Incubating advice and pointers anyone ?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by TNBlacktails, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Sep 15, 2012
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    Hello usually when i start a thread its just for an answer or two but today I need more than that . I will be incubating in the spring i dont know what breed yet. I need advice anyone can give me about : eggs, chicks, feeders , watering , feed and etc for the baby chicks . I already have the little quart size waterer and feeders I have a heat lamp and stuff and will be getting an incubator for christmas. Any advice at all will be helpful thanks
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    WOW where to start...Look at the hatching threads Many ppl are new and lots of questions and answers you will learn so much and there is so much to learn.
    Really important... temp of bator... 99.5 as close as you can come the whole hatch Hatch is 21 days
    Humidity 30-50 day 1-18
    65 -76 day 18 to 21Whats called lockdown as you dont open the bator
    If your temps jump around which it will and will drive you crazy unless you are getting a Genesis or maybe a Brinsea ...some say use rocks in the bottom for heat sinks to stablize it
    .Also draft free spot helps I have mine in my closet.

    Also you will need a digital thermometer /hydrometer unless you get a Genesis.Therm and humidty gauge is built in.
    Walmart has sometemp /hygrometer combinations.or pet stores
    Or Online is best Ebay.Has it all.
    Brooder .....afte they are hatched leave them in 5 hours to24 to dry off.thye can go without food and water for a day or 2.
    When dry moved them to brooder
    .It can be a carrboard box or platioc tote but draft free then add a bell light fixture attachedto the box edge and a 60 watt bulb or 75 willwork fine
    Chicks should have the light on one spot but another areas to move away from the heat. so they fdont overheat.
    Also have to have a thermometer.Have heat at 99.5-100 Every week lower it 5 degrees until they have all their feathers then can have regular room temp or start to go outside if its not too cool.
    About 5-6 weeks old
    When the chick is moved to the brooder dip its beak into the waterer so it knows what it is or it could die without knowing about water.
    UseMedicated Chick Starter crumbles for food An open waterer bowl add glass beads al lthe way to the top of a very shallow small bowl or the chicks can drowned.I like the regular chick waterer better
    Also first day put in the pine shaving and cover with paper towels or the babies might eat the pine shavings.Leave in a couple days ntil they get to know what food is.

    So much more you will just have to ask or read.Good luck,. .
    Start with local eggs as the have a lot higher hatch rate than shipped
    ...Sold on Craigs Ebay Classified or facebook may have a chicken swap for your state online
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    Chicks: Always be sure to get tons of photos.
    Feeders: i like to use quart feeders, plastic. Not metal, metal rusts and I dont like the rust. The plastic is easier to clean off and they cant roost on it.
    However, If you will be hatching alot of chicks, I would get the long trays. Plastic if you can find them, but I can only find the metal. The trays with the holes in them (in my opinion) are harder to clean and chicks get stuck in them. But with the bar uptop, the chicks roost.
    Waterers: I like to use little giant gallon waterers. I set those up on something so they dont kick shavings into them. Also, if you are hatching bantams, put clean marbles in the base, to keep them from drowning.

    On days 6,7, & 8 feed them liver. This helps the heart grow better and healthier.
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    Apr 11, 2012
    Really, the advice that should be given to you depends a lot on your incubator, your eggs and your overall situation. So much advice that can be given, and so many different opinions on things, you'll probably be better off making a visit to the learning center. Oh, and I'm also glad you're learning and researching ahead of time. Too many people decide to do all the research at the last second, if they do any at all.

    Sweetly Silkies, welcome to BYC!​
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    Sep 15, 2012
    Union County Tennessee
    Thanks for all the advice. It helped somethings i already knew some i didnt like the liver for healthier hearts is a good idea never heard it before thanks again.

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