Incubating and hatching eggs

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  1. kaitlynn1120

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    Jan 17, 2015
    Im doing a science paper on the hatch rate percentage of blue eggs vs brown eggs. I wanted to know if I should do a more specific question like the hatch rate percentage of a crested cream legbar egg vs a maran egg
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    The problem is that so much factirs into hatching...

    .how far the eggs travelled
    .the diet of the parents
    .how clean the eggs are
    .change in elevation

    So, to do a good study, you would have to get all of the eggs from the same place.

    Also, marans can be trickier, since they have more coatings on their eggs....

    I would pick non-maran eggs, but all frm the same person, and make sure all of the breeders are fed the same.

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