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    Hey guys so this is my first time incubating and I am on day 20. I noticed movement and chirping from two eggs. I have 19 total in the incubator. It is a still air incubator I've been keeping the temp around 100 and when it hits up during the day its around 101 do you think my chicks are going to make it?
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    [​IMG] Still air runs better at 101-102F taken near the tops of the eggs, so 100 may be just a tad cool, so it may be that you see a slight delay in hatch with some of them, but you still have plenty of time to see hatchers. Chirping is a good sign, it means they have internally pipped. Usually you'll see an external pip w/in 24 hours of the internal pip, so that puts them right where they should be. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC!

    Good luck with your hatch, and prepare to be addicted!

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