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Apr 28, 2014
Hi there everyone. I am new to this form and new to owning ducks as well! I grew up in the city and later in life moved to a more rural town where I was finally able to own a duck. After doing a ton of research on the numerous breeds out there, we decided that we were going to start out raising call ducks. So yesterday I bought some call duck hatching eggs from ebay and should be expecting them sometime later in the week. I want to be prepared as possible in hopes for a good hatch! I have been doing a lot of reading on incubating, but I think the best advice comes from those who have experience doing it.

We are going to be incubating our eggs in a still air incubator. It's a styrofoam one that you can get at mostly any farm store and it looks exactly like this one here:

I have multiple questions about what temperature and humidity to keep the incubator at. From what I have been reading, the temperature should be at about 101F on the top of the eggs and the humidity should be kept from 50%-55% and 70%+ the last 3 days. My one concern about using this incubator is keeping the humidity level right. I had been running it for the past few days just to get a feeling of how it's used and have found that it is very difficult to keep the humidity at a certain percentage. Especially when it is opened for the turning of the eggs (if done by hand).
Turning of the eggs should be done 3 times a day at 8 hour intervals? Is hand turning better, or should I look into picking up an automatic turner? Also, I have read on a few places that cooling the eggs increases hatching success as well?

Anyways, every bit of advice would be super helpful! As I said before, this will be my first time ever incubating duck eggs and I am both excited and a bit nervous that something will go wrong with the whole hatch.
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Oct 3, 2012
Western Sydney, Australia
Hi there,

Ive done a couple of incubations. Two with home rigged incubators (got one duckling each time) and a few with my store bought incubator. So far Ive only hatched squabs in my store bought incubator, I was testing my girls eggs to see if I could hatch them, since the girls had no luck. I didnt either, I think the girls are mules, so...I bought some call ducks.

Ive waited this year to get some call eggs to incubate but havnt got any. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that the entire process is nerve wracking, you will be constantly worrying about temp and humidity, turning, candling, and this is all normal. As you approach the 28 day mark you will stare at the eggs, solmenly believing you just saw one move, or heard a tiny peep.

You are beginning a huge journey here, thanks for sharing it with us. I understand your enthusiasm and hopefully we can give each other advice along the way!

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