Incubating Duck Eggs :D Second time lucky?


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9 Years
Nov 10, 2010
After last years stressful and very sad (see previous posts) attempt at hatching I have decided to give it another go. I bought 6 Aylesbury duck eggs from Ebay and to my delight 5 are fertile

Tomorrow will be day 15 - I would have posted earlier but wanted to wait and make sure everything was going to run smoothly.

I bought a new fan-assisted incubator from Ebay too - cheap and extremely easy to use.

Candled yesterday and all look like there developing fine.

I told myself I wouldn't get too excited this time just in case, but it's definitely hard!!
It's holding at 55% and occasionally drops to 50%, I've pretty much just got a small pot of water with a sponge in it, which seems to be doing the trick.

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