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    My friend wants to incubate eggs that her chickens have layed. She gets about 2 eggs per day. She would like to hatch about 6 eggs. Should she hold the eggs until she has enough to incubate all at one time or can she put the eggs in the incubator as she gets them. If she should wait, where should she store the eggs? This is her 1st try at hatching. What temp should the eggs be at while trying to hatch them and how many days does it take?
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    Eggs can be saved for 7-10 days. Put all eggs in bator at the same time. Store eggs at temp 50-60 degrees. Turn them twice a day before hatching. Read through Hatching and Incubating on the home page for all other details.
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    I suggest doing some research on incubation, and embryo development before trying. There are lots of good sources of information online, most anything you want to know is on this site..
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    I'm new at this but this is what i did. i get only a couple a day also. I wait till I get the amount I want I sit mine on the kitcken counter. and then put6 them in it takes 21 days. and they need to be turneds daily untill day 18. so thats why I wait. temp at 99.5. Humidy day 1 thru 18 at 50 last few day's 70 to 80.

    Probably this isn't very clear. But maybe it will help.

    Also the reading the others said is wonderful
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    Hi and welcome!!!!! [​IMG]

    She should hold the eggs and put them in the incubator all at one time. Chickens do the same thing.... they lay an egg a day or so, then when they feel that they have "enough", they sit down on them "full time" and start incubating.

    Store the eggs large side up in an egg carton, somewhere cool, but not COLD (a basement would be perfect). Some people DO store them in the fridge, but this can decrease the hatch rate.

    There is A LOT that your friend needs to know, the BEST thing you can do is go to "The Learning Center" (at the top of this page), and click on the
    "How To" link... Has an entire section on how to hatch eggs!!!!! I would read through all that before doing anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    Oh, almost forgot; the eggs should still be turned once or twice a day, even before they go into 'bator, while you are storing them!
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