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    Aug 8, 2009
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    I am a new member and would like to know how long it takes shipped eggs to hatch from when they start to pip to the last egg hatches? I started with 24 blue splash marans eggs, had 3 that were not good(oozing). Today is day 21. I had 5 hatch on day 20 and 3 more in the process of hatching now. I took the five chicks out from day 20 and am continuing with the hatch. I don't know the humidity but the temp in circulating incubator is 100 +- 1 degree according to the analog thermometer. Does this seem like a long time interval between eggs hatching. Lost in Ohio. Oh forgot I let the eggs sit overnight before starting to incubate.
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    Sometimes it can take a few days from first chick to last. It can depend on how many hens layed the eggs, if there are hot/cold spots in the bator, etc. Most people wait until at least day 24 or 25 before giving up if there is at least some signs of activity. Be careful opening the bator too many times as every time you do you lose humidity and can dry out the membranes making it harder for the chicks to hatch out.

    Good luck with the rest of your chicks and be sure to post pics when they're all done. [​IMG]
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    i have had some eggs take up to 24 days to hatch, and number rule is not to open the bator till all chicks have hatched, for each time you open it , it lets the much needed humidty out. william

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