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    Jan 11, 2014
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    Is it Ok to do a batch of eggs in my Brinsea Octagon 20 out in the barn? I live in Oregon and temps are low to mid 80's daytime and down to about 59 at night. I know it's ideal to have a constant 70 ish degrees but wonder of anyone has tried it in a barn. My barn is well protected, a big horse stall with rubber mats, good air circulation but never breezy.
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    hello from the Willamette valley !!
    I incubate in a spare room in my house, I have noticed if the temperature drops below 65 I have to be very watchful of the temperature in the incubator I use a hova bator and its pretty touchy on outside temperatures. I have been pretty lucky this time around that the bator temperature hasn't dropped below 100 but one of my hatches I lost 23/24 chicks due to to much fluctuation in the temps.... personally knowing what I know I wouldn't do it if you cannot control the room temperature .
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