incubating Muscovy eggs

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Apr 20, 2008
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I have read in several places that muscovies are harder to incubate than other ducks- but I cant really find out WHY. I successfully hatched out a couple different breeds last year. I have a bunch of 'scovie eggs coming this week. I am a nervous wreck. Can you offer any incubating tips for a successful incubation/hatch?
I have a still-air Little Giant incubator.
Thank you very much in advance!
I don't know anything about it except I've read it takes 35 (?) days instead of the usual 28. There is another thread asking the same question but no replys yet at this posting.
Is that a silkie in your avatar? She might do a good job for you if you can get her broody. Throw some eggs in her nest box real quick!
I have hatched Muscovy eggs before but it's been different everytime.

Also hatched buff mutt eggs and they ALL hatched, they're just easier.

I will be putting in about 35 muscovy eggs soon, not sure if i will use my LG though, it's temps were all over last time. I will probably be using a hovabator, still air.
That silkie was my most favorite wonderful broody little mama- she hatched out some little eggs for me, but sadly, my stupid wiener dog got in their yard and caused massive slaughter and I lost her. I am still trying to hatch out another that looks like her. I have a single Silkie now- but it is only four days old.
Wont work for 'scovy eggs this time around.
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