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    Oct 12, 2009
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    We had a successful incubation/hatch last Sept. I thought we were not going to do it again, so sort of put what I had learned about it on the back burner. Now suddenly DH wants to incubate again, and that back burner will not light!
    I know eggs should be put in the incubator no longer than 7 days after they are laid (isn't that right?) but I just know I read something last year about hatching eggs that had been in the refrigerator. I just don't remember the details, and I'm cross-eyed reading so hard on BYC and can't find it....I just know I found that information here last year.
    Does anyone know? I date all the eggs when laid, and have some reasonably fresh ones in the fridge. Am keeping some out now, so I know they will be OK, but will only take some out of the fridge if I find out how to handle them. I appreciate any help! Thank you!
    I never knew that chickens, or this board, could be so much fun!
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    Quote:I have hatched out many eggs from fridge-I just make sure they sit out to warm up for 8-10 hours before putting bator-all faired well:) 7-10 days for vitality on eggs after being laid but when in fridge I believe people have hatched out 3-4 week old eggs-I tried it and got 2 out of 3!
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    Expect 50 to 60% on eggs in the fridge from day 2 all the way to about 30 days then it starts falling. Putting them in the fridge hurts your hatch rates for eggs kept under 14 days but helps for eggs kept over 14 days.

    Fresh eggs are best before day 7 but after day 14 is where hatch rates actually drop.
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    Oct 12, 2009
    Leander, TX
    Thanks so much for replies to my question. This is exactly what I needed to know!
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    This site tells you a lot about storing eggs for incubation. I think it is a good refresher before you start incubating.

    Texas A&M Incubation site publications/b6092.pdf

    There are a lot of things you are supposed to do or not supposed to do. Doing them or not doing them does not guarantee success or failure. It just improves your odds. Don't stress out if you don't follow everything to the letter. Good luck with your hatch.
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    Oct 12, 2009
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    Thanks Ridgerunner. I can't get this site to pull up...says it has moved or is temporarily unavailable. I'll keep trying, but will just go to the A&M site and may can work my way to chickens from there. I do appreciate getting the site, and having a lightbulb turned on....I had not even thought about A&M except for horses and goats!
    We only lost one with the group we hatched last year. I was more than amazed. The incubator we had was really old, but worked like a charm. We candled the eggs and only found one that had a chick that didn't hatch. The others that didn't hatch were not fertile. We were quite lucky, I thought. And none died either. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for asking this question!! I have some eggs in the fridge that I didn't think I could even try to hatch. Now I just might give it a go.... Let us know how your hatch goes and GOOD LUCK!!
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    I have successfully hatched eggs from the fridge before and they were in there a good week.
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    We store our eggs on the top shelf of the refrigerator. It's 40*F up there. Isn't that too cold?
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    hummm I may just try.whats a few more
    to add to the flock. Psst dont tell Dh.

    the top shelf is where all of
    mine are kept. same temp.
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