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Nov 30, 2015
I need some info please... 21 day's was thanksgiving an I have about 7 chick's now. 5 has died 3 still in the eggs. My concern is I still have eggs with babies in them trying to hatch. I've got 1 that I can see half way cracked and is chirping since yesterday. I've had 2 hatch and 1 piping. What can I do? This is the first time to have this problem. I please help. Tia
When they stick like that, it's usually a humidity problem. I sometimes slowly peel them out, but be careful to stop at the first sight of blood. If the veins start to bleed stop and place back i9n incubator another 1 to 2 hours and check again. I sometimes run warm water and peel them out under a small running trickle of water about 85-100 degrees. but you can't let a drop of water touch the beak. They can drown very quick with only a drop. After peeling them out I place them back in the incubator until they are fluffy and dry. I saved hundreds of chicks over the years like this. 88 ducklings in one day that was stuck, and 95 % lived. They just needed some help.

Sometimes they'll be fully developed and die in the shell. I have took a knife tip and put a small hole in the air cell to check a few 12 hours after the first hatched, and the rest didn't pip. You just have to be very careful. Some times when I do that and see they're alive and still have bloody veins, I put a small piece of scotch tape over the hole so they don't dry out, and place them back in the incubator for a few more hours. If you don't see any blood and they just dried in the shell, you can just peel them out usually with little trouble. I also mist my eggs every time I open during hatching. Good luck!
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Glad you could join the flock! I agree your chick could be shrink wrapped. Have you opened the incubator a lot after lockdown? Opening can cause this as the humidity drops. How high have you had your humidity after lockdown? Higher humidity is required after after lockdown to try and prevent the chicks getting stuck.

Have you checked out hatching 101? It's a great article with lots of info and also it has a link on assisted hatching if your having a difficult hatch. Here is the link ~

Good luck :fl

It looks like you've received some good info already so I'll just say hello, thanks for joining us and good luck!

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